Left wing activists call for re-opening of investigation over the assassination of their comrade Ait El Jid, and point the finger at some islamists affiliated to governing party

By on March 9, 2013


On Friday 8th March, hundreds of activists from both left wing and human rights movements have gathered in the city center to protest against the

Approximately 400 people participated in the demonstration that requests the reopening of investigation over the murder of the leftist militant Benaissa Ait Eljid and ask authorities to bring the charged persons to justice in order to reveal to the public all  circumstances of this political assassination  that took place in 1993.

The demonstration came at the initiative of the family Ait Eljid who successfully mobilized  a large public of activists.

Protesters have carried panels and photos denouncing complacency that affects this affair and accused Islamist militants affiliated PJD party in power.

It is reported that the family of the assassinated student Benaissa Ait Eljid in the early 90s has issued a statement calling for “revealing the truth” about the murder of their son. The statement revealed that members of the ruling party are involved in this case.

Has Eljid Mohammed Benaissa was assassinated on March 1st 1993 by Islamist students. He was a member of the faction called “Al-Annahj quaidi” affiliated to the Marxist movement. He had been imprisoned in Fez prison Kadouss Ain. The family said that after his murder, the body of their son was transferred from Fez, where he lived, to Tata, southern Morocco.

The family said that the murder was politically motivated. And that son , beside his Marxist believes, has actively defended the principles of democracy and human rights in an era that was known mainly by oppression and constant attacks against voices calling for equality and freedom.

Family accused Abdelali Hami Eddine, a member of the General Secretariat of the PJD and president of an association pretending defense of  Human Rights. Hami Eddine has been sentenced two years, before being released.

Hami Eddine was arrested after being involved in the assassination of Ait Eljid during clashes between Maxists students and Islamists in 1993 at  Mohamed Ben Abdellah University of Fez. Elhadioui Elkhmar, the witness and former colleagues Ait Eljid, said he recognized Hami Eddine as participating in the killing of Benaissa

Comrades of Ait Eljid suspect that some politicians in power are behind blocking the reopening of investigation.

They demanded that the killers be brought to justice, noting several  letters were sent to the Minister of Justice, President of the National Council of Human Rights, and other national and international human rights organizations.

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