Algerian mercenaries captured by Libyans rebels

By on April 11, 2011
libya-mercenaries15 Algerian mercenaries were captured by Libyan rebels who are fighting the heavily armed forces of Col.Gadhafi, facing the worst popular revolt against his 41-year rule.
The Algerian free-lance fighters, shown by several world TV stations, were captured during fierce fighting in the eastern town of Ajdabiya.
The rebels have long accused Gaddafi of using hired guns from poor African countries.
Rebel spokesperson Shamsiddin Abdulmolah stated that the men were not carrying identification, but “they said they were Algerian and they had Algerian accents,” adding that they would be shown in public later in the day.
“They were claiming to be selling hashish… and they had hashish with them. This is the whole crazy thing about it,” he said.

He also said several Algerian ID cards and passports were found in a nearby building in Ajdabiya.
Abdulmolah said the group of 18 were led into the frontline town by a local resident allied with Gaddafi’s regime, who was also captured, adding that all the detainees were being treated well.
He accused Algeria of backing Gaddafi and of “turning a blind eye” to the mercenaries flowing into Libya.
“It’s sad… The same kind of dictatorship we have here, they have over there” in Algeria, he said.
The Algerian mercenaries captured in Libya confirm news reports saying that the Libyan regime is hiring foreign fighters from Mali, Niger, Chad, Algeria and Western Sahara.
Libyan agents are busy recruiting foreign mercenaries, offering them irresistible deals to line up their pockets.
Other nato military sources reported that 150 Belarusian mercenaries flew from Belarus to Algeria and then headed this week-end to various points in Western Libya to give expertise and support to Libyan army.

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