Congo/Belgium: The coloniser to colonised relationship is over

By on July 15, 2010
Two weeks after the visit of the royal couple of Belgium to Kinshasa, the minister of communication, Lambert Mende Omalanga, has described as “unacceptable attitude of the Belgian political class to consider the Congolese problems as internal affairs of their country.

During the news conference, the Minister listed  some of them, like the “Debate on the surreal opportunity to see if the king will or not attend the Joseph Kabila’s invitation”; the “very bizarre case of a purely imaginary invitation of Belgian soldiers to participate in the military parade in Kinshasa”; the “delighted sentiment of some after the announcement that the king would make no speech during his visit to RDC”; the “harsh feeling of others, because he should have admonished the Congolese bad student”…
The Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation, Charles Michel, expressed a deep surprise at the remarks made by the Congolese government spokesman. He found them extreme and inadequate, and demanded on the part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to “Respect” his country, Belgium.
On the latest controversy on diamonds presented to Queen Paola by the President Kabila’s wife , Olive Lembe di Sita, the minister has affirmed that was a “private gift”, but unfortunately it was turned in “a campaign to discredit the Congolese institutions from the political class – those in power and the opposition, and the media.
The “coloniser to colonised relations is over”, has declared Minister Lambert Mende, addressing the Belgian politicians…

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