National Security and Non Conventional Cyber Threats in North Africa – The Moroccan Case-

By on March 8, 2010

Rezrazi, ElMostafa. Ph.D ( The University of Tokyo)
Professor of Security and Strategic Studies
Director of the Academic Program of Transregional
&Emerging Area Studies.


Computer technology represents an imperative constituent to national security, conceivably of supreme importance. Without computers, modern weapon store, and communications would be impossible. The future almost emerge to belong to so-called “ smart” weapons, complex systems of command and control, telecommunications, satellites, electronic surveillance, and split-second information processing. Besides, the process of integrating advanced computers into weapons and command systems is speeding up at an exponential level.
What is often overlooked the threat to national security posed by networked computers, particularly through the Internet. During the period when the Internet was used almost exclusively by scientists, engineers, academics, and a handful of military personnel, the Internet was viewed by experts mainly as a benign and interesting research project, one with modest and limited application to national security objectives
Nevertheless, In recent years, the Internet has increasingly been regarded by national security officials as a emergingplaying field for international conflict, a new medium in which national security will take on non conventional forms, and one in which the government agencies responsible for national security have a growing stake. The internet is emerging as a “ critical national asset “ that requires their attention and protection. This condition may signal a new era in the development of the Internet, equal in importance to its commercial potential. In fact, the commercial use of the Internet may be influenced by national security controversies as much as by consumer response to new Internet applications.

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