King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, Directs Review of Family Code Revisions in Accordance with Islamic Principles

By on June 30, 2024

The monarch’s directive aims to ensure that the proposed revisions to the family code align with the principles and precepts of Islam and its inclusive objectives, a statement from the royal cabinet said today.

Additionally, the King has instructed the Council to draft a Fatwa—a religious decree—about  these proposals accordingly.

“This referral comes after the Body in charge of revising the Family Code accomplished its mission within the allotted time and submitted its proposals to the High Appreciation of His Majesty the King ,” the statement said.

The King also called on the council to consider the content of the royal letter addressed to the Head of Government, which called for adopting “the virtues of moderation and open and constructive Ijtihad.”

Ijtihad is an Islamic legal term referring to independent reasoning by experts in Islamic law.

In September last year, King Mohammed VI instructed the Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch to ensure the revision of Morocco’s family code.

The monarch gave his instructions in a  letter he addressed to Akhannouch.

In a speech in 2022, the monarch stressed the importance of social inclusion in family law, emphasizing that all decisions and recommendations should respect Islamic Law, also known as Sharia.

“As the Commander of the Faithful, I pointed out before Parliament in 2023, when introducing the Moudawana, or Family Law, that I shall not make licit that which the Almighty has forbidden, nor shall I forbid that which he has authorized, particularly when it comes to matters of government by unequivocal Quranic prescriptions,” the monarch said in his speech

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