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African Bulletin is an electronic journal with an international reputation and a strong emphasis on high academic standards. Publishing with us will make you part of a dynamic publishing program set to meet the needs of a demanding academic readership concerned by African affairs in various fields. We value our academics, ensuring that their work gains the world coverage and profile it deserves. We believe we offer an excellent level of author care from the inception of a project right through the publishing life of an edition. From the start we believe in good communication, keeping our prospective authors informed as their proposal passes through the peer review process. We always ensure that a decision on whether to publish is made as soon as the reviews come in. Once a project has been commissioned we stay in regular contact and offer a high level of support to our authors and editors. We will make every effort to help you meet your targets and to ensure a rapid publication of your work once it has been submitted.

Publication Standards:

Types of submission
We publish the following types of papers and articles:

  • Policy papers
  • Features and News Analysis
  • case studies and project papers
  • country profile
  • Special Issues and Dossiers
  • Book Reviews and discussions of published papers and articles
  • News

If you feel strongly about something you have read in our journal, please send us a discussion contribution for publication. The authors will be invited to respond and, subject to the editorial panel’s approval, both pieces will be published together.

Please do not exceed the word lengths shown below (according to which journal you are submitting to and what category of submission you are writing).

African Bulletin
Policy paper, Special Issue, dossier, Country Profile 20000 – 50000 Characters
Feature 9-18000 Characters
Book review 500-5000 Characters
News, Discussion 500 -1000 Characters

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