Our Mission

The African Bulletin Philosophy and Mission

African Bulletin aims to enhance knowledge and awareness about strategic,, political, security, economic, social and cultural issues amongst the peoples and leaders of the African continent, and is committed to afford a set of unique and add-value services to enable this. African Bulletin will utilize all of its capabilities and resources to improve levels of communication and interaction between Africa and the others area of the world for the sake of peace and stability and will attempt to ensure that its activities have a positive contribution to regional and international security.

In addition to our electronic website, African Bulletin provides an independent forum in which key decision makers from both public and private sectors in Africa and elsewhere can meet to discuss issues of common concern and develop effective and mutually beneficial solutions. With the participation of top level scholars, experts, representatives of governments, international organizations, and major foundations and global corporations, African Bulletin encourages the strengthening of the intercontinental relationships to respond to new challenges. Our mission is to act as a space of reflection, expertise and early warning intellectual system and a mechanism for conception support. For more information about African Bulletin electronic version, please contact: info@african-bulletin.com
However, if you are interested in further information about African Bulletin Forum, do not hesitate to contact: info@african-bulletin.org