Coming Soon: Chinese and African Perspectives on China in Africa

By on March 3, 2010

Authors: Li Anshan, Desire Assogbavi, Nancy Dubosse, Gedion Gamora, Edwin Daniel Ikhuoria, Francis Ikome, Bai Jie, Claude Kabemba, Paul Kamau, K. Mathews, Sanou Mbaye, Fredrick Mutesa, Antony Otieno Ong’ayo, Zeng Qiang, Daniel Ribeiro, He Wenping, Zhi Yingbiao, Xiao Yuhua
Edited by Axel Harneit-Sievers, Stephen Marks, Sanusha Naidu

The deepening engagement of China in Africa since the end of the cold war has led to debates about the evolving nature of this relationship. Yet the focus of analysis has largely been confined to the interactions between states. Little attention has been paid to the growing dialogue between Chinese and African civil society organisations. This collection of essays, written by scholars and activists, explores the interaction between African and Chinese non-state actors and argues that the future of Africa-China relations rests on including such voices if a robust and vibrant engagement and a meaningful relationship are to be sustained.
Chinese and African Perspectives on China in Africa assesses China’s activities in Africa through patterns of investment, legal cooperation, effects on the environment, trade, aid and labour links, questions of peace, security and stability, the African Union response, possible regulatory interventions and the future strengthening of an Africa–China CSO dialogue.

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