African Ambassadors in Rabat Calls For Morocco’s Return To AU

By on May 31, 2012


The group of African ambassadors accredited to Rabat called, on Wednesday, for the return of the Kingdom of Morocco to the African Union (AU) of which it is one of the founding members.

Speaking at a conference in Rabat on the occasion of celebrating the African Day under the theme “regional integration and the role of youth”, Ambassador of the Central African Republic to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, senior member of the group of African ambassadors, Ismaila Nimaga, reiterated, on behalf of the group, the call for the return of Morocco to its “big family, the African Union.”

Nimaga recalled initiatives undertaken by Morocco since the sixties for the development of regional integration in Africa, a prerequisite for any comprehensive and sustainable development in the continent.

Concerning South-South partnership, Nimaga said that this kind of cooperation is and will remain a vital lever for African countries in order to address the century’s challenges, notably globalization and its unfair consequences, noting that it is high time to start considering Africa as a destination of investment and not as a mere recipient of aid.

Referring to the role of youth in Africa’s development, she said that this continent has become an indispensable partner given the importance of its resources, market and human potential which will reach two billion Africans in 2050.


Held by the Ambassadors of African countries and the diplomatic foundation, in collaboration with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, this conference is attended by forty African, American, European and Asian countries.

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