King Mohammed VI’s Speech on Religious Coexistence, Tolerance in 4 Languages

By on March 30, 2019

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI of Morocco amazed the world as he shared his thoughts and beliefs on religious peace, tolerance, and coexistence in four languages: Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.

At the Hassan mosque plaza on Saturday, The Commander of Fithful, King Mohammed VI  began his speech in Arabic, emphasizing that it was an exceptional day in Morocco for two reasons.

“It is exceptional because of the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis. It is also exceptional because it reminds me of the historical visit the late Pope John Paul II paid to Morocco,” said the King.

In fluent Spanish, King Mohammed VI spoke about coexistence and the “exceptional” rich diversity underpinning Moroccan civilization.

“It is reflected by the mosques, churches, and synagogues which have coexisted in the cities of the Kingdom since time immemorial.”

King Mohammed VI received respect and applause from the attendees for his decision to convey words of tolerance and peace in four different languages.

In English, the monarch called on interfaith dialogue between the three Abrahamic religions, which “were not created to be tolerant of one another out of some unavoidable fate, or out of courtesy to one another,” according to the King.

The King concluded his speech in French, emphasizing that “spirituality is not an end in itself. Our faith translates into concrete actions. It teaches us to love our fellow human beings and to help them.”

Pope Francis arrived in Morocco on Saturday for his first ever official visit in Morocco.

King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, and Prince Moulay Rachid, received the pope.

The Pope’s second day in Morocco has a busy schedule. The Pope will start his day by visiting the Center for Social Services in Temara, a city near Rabat.

The Pope will then meet with religious men and women in Rabat’s cathedral. Before heading back to the Vatican, Pope Francis will celebrate the Catholic mass at the Prince Moulay Abdellah stadium in Rabat.

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