King Mohammed VI Initiates New Fishing Port and Marina Projects in Tangier

By on June 8, 2018

In Tangier, King Mohammed VI initiated a new fishing port and marina, two leader projects under the MAD 6.2 billion Tangier port area rehabilitation program.

The two projects reflect the King’s desire to make Tangier a preferred destination for cruises and pleasure tourism and to improve the working conditions of fishermen with modern equipment.

The new fishing port will cost MAD 1.189 billion and will allow better development of the fishing industry, boost investment, and create additional jobs while it is being constructed.

The new fishing port will have 1,167 meters of protective structures, 2,537 meters of ferry docks, 11 hectares of bay, and 12 hectares of land.

The project will contain various essential structures, including ice factories, cold stores, a standard fund management unit, stores for ship owners and wholesalers, shops for artisanal fishermen, a shipyard, ship repair shops, and administrative buildings.


The port will also contain a fish market for coastal and offshore fisheries and will be built on 5,000 square meters.


The fish market will have a refrigerated sales area, cold storage rooms, and a veterinary office.


The purpose of the market is to improve product quality, ensure the smoothness and transparency of commercial transactions, and develop fishing-related activities within the region.


In regards to socio-economic impact, the new fishing port will help fishermen advertise their products in addition to improving their working conditions.


The King also launched an MAD 635 million structural project on Thursday called “Tanja Marina Bay.” The project is dedicated to recreational boaters who  seek to discover the magic of the city of Bogaz.


The marina will offer 800 docking rings for boats ranging in length from 7 to 90 meters and 600 rings for boats from 7 to 30 meters, planned for the second phase.


The marina will offer the largest number of docking rings in the kingdom and a multitude of services fulfilling international standards.


The marina will include entertainment areas, fuel stations, shops, national clubs and a parking lot with 435 spaces.


It is to be hoped the two projects will bring new life to the Tangier port, boost tourist attractions, and inject a new dynamism into the fishing sector.

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