Uganda: Parliament clears way for 73-year old President to be re-elected in 2021

By on December 21, 2017

The Parliament Wednesday passed a controversial bill which removes age limit in the quest of country’s top job with incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni set to run for a sixth term in office at the age of 77 in 2021.
315 voted in favor for the bill while 62 votes rejected it and 2 votes abstained. The Uganda parliament is dominated by ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM). 73-year old President Museveni is yet to stamp bill.
The new constitutional amendment blows up 75-year age restriction but reinstates two mandates of five-year term which was cancelled in 2005 to allow the President to run again though being in power since 1986.
The bill was passed after nearly five months of heated debates marked by heckles and fighting.
Six members of the opposition opposed to the bill have been suspended.
NRM lawmaker, Raphael Magyezi hailed the vote saying it was a win-win outcome adding that the bill was not tailored for the President.
“This was not about President Museveni. It is a win-win [situation]. The opposition fought, and we had to give them something.”
Rogers Mulindwa, spokesperson of the ruling party added that the bill tackles age discrimination.
The opposition on the other hand noted that the move rolls back Uganda’s democratic process.
“Today, we have raped Ugandans. We have mortgaged the country. We have broken the hearts of Ugandans,” said Winnie Kizza, leader of the opposition in the legislature.

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