Sierra Leone: Dozens of migrants in Libya refuse to board repatriation plane

By on December 15, 2017

As many as 110 Sierra Leone migrants have refused to board a plane to fly them out of Libya where they have been living in ‘inhuman’ conditions at the time many African countries are repatriating their citizens facing slavery in the North African country.
A group of 170 Sierra Leon migrants according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) voluntarily agreed to be repatriated on Wednesday but only 60 could be found at the time of takeoff.
The rest escapes from Tripoli airport. They have been unaccounted for.
The other 60 arrived in Sierra Leon on Wednesday, reports say.
The incident contrasts with hundreds of Sub-Saharan migrants who have agreed to return to their various countries following a global outrage in the wake of CNN November report footage showing some African migrants being sold at auctions as slaves and as farm laborers as cheap as $400.
Several African countries in collaboration of Libyan authorities and the IOM initiated repatriation programs of their citizens stranded in Libya.
Thousands of migrants coming mostly from Sub Sahara who are seeking to join Europe’s banks have been clocked in ‘hellish conditions’ in camps in Libya run by Libyan authorities and militias. The UN condemned Libyan authorities and European countries for the treatment conditions given to the migrants.
The EU has supported Libyan coastguards and militias to stem the tide of migrants trying the risking trip.
180 Sierra Leon migrants returned home in November.

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