Terrorism: AU wary about return of around 6,000 IS fighters

By on December 11, 2017

The African Union (AU) via the voice of its Commissioner for Peace and Security called on African countries to brace up and closely collaborate in the fight against terrorism noting that around 6,000 fighters of the Islamic State group (IS) could return to the continent as the group faces unprecedented defeats.
Smail Chergui, speaking at a conference in Oran, Algeria, on fighting against terrorism said the 6,000 figure is result of reports of 30,000 IS fighters combatting in hotbed conflict zone in the Middle East.
Iraq, formerly IS stronghold Saturday declared victory over the group after three year of all-out war. The Iraqi army supporters by a US-led international coalition proclaimed victory over the terrorists who declared 2014 caliphate in the country.
The terror group is only still active in Syria where it has been defeated and pushed to corner by Syrian forces backed by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah and US-led forces on the other.
Chergui did not specify the nationalities of fighters.
The AU commissioner however noted that the return of jihadists represents a serious threat to the national security of countries and requires a special attention as well as intense cooperation among countries.
Chergui called for the exchange of intelligence on details of the terrorists returning to their various countries.

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