Liberia: Supreme Court clears ways for run-off

By on December 8, 2017

The Supreme Court Thursday brushed aside request for re-run by Liberty Party (LP) which lodged a complaint for irregularities in the October poll which saw former soccer star now-turned politician George Weah in the lead for a run-off against the deputy of out-going President Johnson Sirleaf.

The Supreme Court halted the process in November to examine claims by LP’s candidate Charles Brumskine who demanded review of the October poll results given by the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

Brumskine finished third of the process dominated by the former soccer star and country’s Vice President Joseph Boakai.

Justice Philip Banks reading the court decision said the irregularities highlighted by Brumskine do not affect the entity of process.

“In the absence of sufficient evidence, the court cannot order a re-run of the election,” he said.

“There were over 5,000 polling places, (so) to present evidence of just a few is problematic,” he added. “The evidence should have (shown) … that they were committed in such magnitude that they could have altered the results.”

The delay for the run-off made many worry about the return of instability in the West African which was ravaged by decades of civil war.

Liberians will be called to polls to choose between Weah and Boakai to mark the first democratic transition after the 12 years of Sirleaf’s leadership which returned peace to the country but failed to close gaps of poverty and curb corruption.

The NEC has not named any date yet but the institution’s spokesperson, Henry Flomooutside the court told media that the decider voting could take place in two weeks.

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