Kenya: US urges Odinga to abort own inauguration ceremony

By on December 6, 2017

The Trump Administration has called on opposition leader Raila Odinga to cancel plans to be sworn next week in defiance of officially inaugurated President Uhuru Kenyatta rejected by the opposition, reports say.
Raila Odinga last month told supporters that he would be sworn in on December 12 as the duly elected leader of the eastern African country as he rejects Supreme Court decision proclaiming rival and incumbent President Kenyatta winner of October re-run.
A source told local media Daily Nation that US official namely Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US government’s Bureau of African Affairs Donald Yamamoto adivsed the opposition leader to abandon his inauguration plans.
The source according to the media attended a meeting between the US official and the Nasa alliance led the opposition figure.
The meeting which took place at the residence of the US ambassador Robert Godec sought to diffuse the political tension in place since the August poll won by Uhuru Kenyatta but cancelled by the Supreme Court over irregularities.
Over 50 people have died since August.
Yamamoto in return reportedly pledged to convince President Kenyatta to sit with the opposition and find a solution to the political standstill.
President Uhuru Kenyatta won the contested re-run with voter turnout only estimated at 39 per cent, which give the opposition the chance to say he is not the legitimate President.
The US and the UK have congratulated Uhuru Kenyatta for his inauguration for a second five-year term in office.
UK’s Secretary for African affairs Rory Stewart attended the swearing-in ceremony which took place in capital Nairobi on December 28.

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