Rwanda: Kigali offers to take in 30,000 African migrants in Libya

By on November 23, 2017

Country’s foreign minister Louise Mushikiwabo announced Wednesday Kigali’s eagerness to welcome up to 30,000 African migrants stranded in Libya following CNN report on the existence in the North African country of slave markets.
Mushikiwabo indicated that her country is talks to receive the migrants. The announcement came following a call by the African Union to member-states to help return thousands of migrants stranded in Libya.
“Rwanda, as the rest of the world, has been horrified by the ongoing tragedy in Libya where African men, women and children who were on the way to exile, have been arrested and turned into slaves,” she said.
“Given Rwanda’s policy and out own history, we cannot afford to remain silence when human beings are maltreated and sold at auctions like live stocks,” she added.
The UN Secretary General Antonion Guterres and Paris have condemned the slave trading of Africa migrants. Paris has likened the inhuman treatment to crime against human and announced it would convene with other members of UN Security Council to discuss the matter.
A CNN report aired on November 14 showed some African migrants being sold as farm laborer as little as $400, at auctions.
The Eastern African country is also rumored to have signed a deal with Israel to take in African refugees considered by the Jewish state as infiltrators.
Israeli media notes that Kigali will be given $5,000 each migrants.
Around 40,000 African asylum seekers largely from Sudan and Eritrea are currently living in Israel.

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