DRC: Global Witness accuses army officer of receiving returns of goal mining in Northern Kivu

By on November 1, 2017

The charity has finger-pointed army Brigadier-general Étienne Mbunsu Bindu based in Northern Kivu in illicit earning transactions related to gold mining in the region.
The military high ranking officer according to the NGO which investigates illegal exploitation natural resources has been receiving returns of gold mining from Geminaco; the company exploiting the natural resource in the region.
Bindu’s son according to Global Witness is the screen agent for the illegal operation condemned by the Congolese law. Army officials under the country’s mining act are prohibited from involvement in the exploitation of the country’s natural resources.
The illicit deal according to the charity is still ongoing despite drawing the attention of Goma trade tribunal on the matter.
Some other army officials are also accused of involvement in the illegal mining deals in other parts of the vast and rich African country.
A UN reports in August named Gabriel Amisi Kumba aka Tango Four heading army’s division in the country’s first defense zone.
Kumba according to the report owns four boats extracting gold on the Awimi River, near the town of Bafwasende, in the province of Tshopo.
Global Witness in July, in its report titled ‘Regime Cash Machine’ noted that at least $750 million went missing over three years.
Citing data from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), the NGO revealed that between 2013 and 2015 over $750 million of payments by mining companies to Congo’s tax agencies and state mining companies never reached the national treasury.
It also added that the figure could go higher to reach $1.5 billion when other state bodies and a now-defunct provincial tax body are included.

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