Gabon: Deputy Speaker of Senate requested to appear before military police

By on October 30, 2017

Jean-Christophe Owono Nguema, Deputy Speaker of the Senate is expected to show up at Libreville Gendarmerie today Monday (October 30) for calling for resistance to President Ali Bongo is accused of wanting to the central African country into a monarchy.
Nguema, received the demand to appear before the DGR on October 28, Steeve Ndong Essame, State Prosecutor noted on Sunday.
Nguema, a senator from the opposition in a video posted by supporters of National Union parti ‘called for resistance to President Bongo’ and denounced what it called ‘monarchization of the Gabon in reference to plan to amend country’s constitution.
The video dates back to October 19 and is footage of an interview with French channel TV5 Monde.
Nguema indicated that he would not turn up citing his parliamentary immunity. Essame however hit back stressing that the DRC will be forced to use its means if he refuses to meet the request.
The prosecutor accused the lawmaker of inciting revolt arguing his statements in the video could be interpreted as blatant offence and enough to strip off his immunity.
The central African country has been rocked by political turmoil since last year disputed elections won by President Ali accused by many observers of rigging the electoral process.

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