‘Claims that Namibia Failed to Submit Report on UN Sanctions against North Korea are False’ Namibian Foreign Ministry

By on October 25, 2017

The Namibian foreign ministry has lambasted claims by the coordinator of UN Panel of Expert on North Korea saying that, in April this year, Namibia submitted a report detailing its adherence to UN sanction against Pyongyang.
“The Government of Namibia wishes to categorically state that it has submitted reports to the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee as required, the last having been submitted on 8 April 2017,” Lineekela Mboti, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, said on Tuesday.
The reaction came after Hugh Griffiths, the coordinator the body in charge of monitoring the reinforcement of the UN sanctions against the North Korean regime indicated on CNN that Windhoek has not produced a report for over more than a year on some questions related to cooperation between the Southern African country and the rogue Asian country.
Griffiths has accused the Namibian government of having contracted North Korean workers and state companies to construct an ammunitions factory in clear violation of UN sanctions dating back nearly a decade, reports say.
The UN Security Council has issued a number of sanctions including economic against North Korea for its missile program. The UN sanctions also ban UN state-members to employ North Korean workers.
Mboti also claimed that contracts with Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation and Mansudae Overseas Projects in the southern African nation have terminated and the Namibian government is not inclined to roll in any North Korean companies in accordance with UN resolutions.
She invited the UN Panel of Expert to visit the country in order to witness.

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