King Mohammed VI highlights the pillars of Morocco’s Engagement in Africa: “solidarity”, “balanced partnerships”,& “peoples’ shared interests”

By on August 20, 2017

In a speech for the 64th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People devoted entirely to the continent of Africa, King Mohammed VI stated that Morocco’s focus on the continent is “by no means a coincidence,” stressing that it will not come at the expense of the kingdom’s national priorities.

Morocco’s commitment to Africa is the result of “profound, realistic reflection,” explained the King, and those who spread “unfounded allegations” that Morocco is wasting its money on Africa instead of devoting those resources to Moroccans “care little about the country’s interests.”

King Mohammed VI pointed to the importance of Morocco’s official return to its African roots and its efforts to help develop the continent, stating that this major demarche was not the result of “transient considerations.”

The Moroccan African policy, the king stated, has scored the kingdom a plethora of economic agreements with multiple African countries, as well as the launching of numerous development projects. King Mohammed VI cited in this context the Nigeria-Morocco Atlantic gas pipeline project, the construction of fertilizer plants in Ethiopia and Nigeria, and various human development projects designed to improve the living conditions of African citizens.

King Mohammed VI clarified that this policy’s aim was far from being solely securing Morocco’s return to the African Union, adding that those who think otherwise “simply do not know me.”

Due to this “successful” policy, the King said that Morocco has managed to “strengthen our economic partnerships, ensure its return to the African Union and secure the agreement in principle to our request to join the Economic Commission of West African States.”

“Money comes and goes”

Morocco’s turn towards Africa, which is based on “solidarity” and “balanced partnerships grounded in mutual respect and the fulfilment of African peoples’ shared interests,” is far from being built on “influence peddling,” said the King.


For King Mohammed VI, “money comes and goes.” Instead, Morocco’s success was based on its “expertise and know-how put at the disposal of its African brothers and sisters.”

“Knowledge and skills; it is these that help meet people’s needs,” said the King, adding that the African people understand this and realize that Morocco is “keen to build fruitful partnerships with them.”

In this context, the King warned against those who “spread unfounded allegations to the effect that Morocco is spending huge sums of money on Africa instead of devoting those resources to Moroccans.” For Mohammed VI, these people “care little about the country’s interests.”

Insisiting that Morocco’s focus on Africa will “not affect our stances, nor will it be at the expense of our national priorities,” the King explained that “in fact, it will bring added value to our national economy” and strengthen Moroccan relations with African nations.

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