Government denies presence of Wagner group in Sudan

By on March 23, 2022

(SUDAN TRIBUNE) – The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday denied the presence of the Russian private security contractor group, Wagner, in the country and its involvement in illegal activities.

The denial comes in response to a statement by the Troika diplomats in Khartoum condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on Monday.

The Wagner Group “spreads disinformation on social media and engages in illicit activities connected to gold mining,” said the Troika countries.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry said that the Troika diplomats deliberately and in an arbitrary manner involved Sudan in the conflict in Ukraine.

The ministry described the statement as “a blatant interference in Sudan’s internal affairs and an apparent violation of the established diplomatic norms and practices”.

The statement also condemned the Troika’s allegations about the presence of the Russian private security company Wagner in Sudan to carry out military training, mining and other illegal activities.

“This is what the Government of Sudan would like totally to deny.”

Several investigation reports in and outside Sudan highlighted the presence of Wager in the country and their cooperation with the security services.

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