Saharawi woman – victim of rape- call Spanish justice to act against Brahim Ghali whom she accuses

By on April 28, 2021

Khadijatou Mahdmoud, one of the plaintiffs who accuses the secretary general of the Polisario Front Brahim Ghali of rape, took advantage of his hospitalization in Spain to reiterate her call for justice to be done. In a new video, she asked the Spanish justice to intervene to punish her rapist.

She recalls having left Spain for the Tindouf camps in Algeria in 2005 and remained there until 2010, working as a translator for non-governmental organizations. However, while she was preparing to leave the camps in 2010, she was allegedly invited by an Italian NGO to an event and had to go through the «Polisario institutions».

She then meets Brahim Ghali who allegedly raped her. Back in Spain, Khadijatou Mahdmoud filed a complaint which justice does not follow up.

In her video, she says she learned from the media that her alleged rapist is in Spain. «I do not understand how they allowed him to enter but I want him to be arrested and jailed», she pleads.

It should be recalled that Brahim Ghali and a number of leaders of the separatist front are being prosecuted for other cases relating to detention, torture and enforced disappearances. In 2006, Spanish justice before which he did not appear summoned him.


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