GCC expressed support to Moroccan Intervention to end Polisario’s Blockade in Guerguerat

By on November 15, 2020

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has expressed its full support for Morocco’s intervention to end Polisario’s blockade of the Guerguerat border crossing.

The Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf said Saturday the GCC member countries support the measures recently adopted by Morocco to ensure free movement of individuals and goods via Guerguerat crossing on its borders with Mauritania.

The GCC states maintain a clear-cut stance in support of Morocco’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, he said in a press release, reaffirming rejection of any bids that could hamper the cross-border traffic in the area.

Dr. Al-Hajraf highlighted the need to maintain self-restraint and pursue dialogue to reach peaceful solutions in keeping with the provisions of relevant UN resolutions.

Since October 21, elements of the militant Polisario Front have blocked civil and commercial traffic through Guerguerat, a vital crossing point of the Moroccan-Mauritanian border that lies within the UN-monitored buffer zone.

The separatists refused to leave the area despite repeated warnings from the UN.

Morocco, having given the UN ample time to persuade Polisario to leave Guerguerat, decided on Friday to establish a security cordon at the crossing point to resume the cross-border flow of goods and people.

Polisario elements opened fire on Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FAR) during the non-offensive intervention and declared the following day that the Front would no longer respect the 1991 ceasefire.

Despite the propaganda Algeria and the Polisario Front are relentlessly pushing in an attempt to undermine Morocco’s international standing, Morocco has earned widespread support for its intervention to end the border crisis.

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