Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman express their support to Morocco’s Operation in Guerguerat

By on November 14, 2020

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and  Oman express their support to  Morocco’s Operation in Guerguerat have expressed on Saturday, November 14, their support for Morocco’s military intervention to secure the flow of passengers and goods at the Guerguerat crossing point, near the Moroccan-Mauritanian border.

In a statement from its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia denounced “any acts that threaten traffic in this vital pathway between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.”

Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a similar statement in support of Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern provinces.

The Sultanate expressed its support for the measures that Morocco took to “preserve security and sovereignty in its land and secure the civil and commercial freedom of movement in the buffer zone of Guerguerat.”

Oman also reiterated its support for the UN’s efforts to reach a political solution to the Western Sahara conflict.

The United Arab Emirates issued a press release today, applauding King Mohammed VI’s decision to send the Moroccan military to Guerguerat in response to provocative moves from Polisario, which hindered civil and commercial traffic across the Morocco-Mauritania border.

Through the UAE’s official news agency WAM, the Gulf country’s foreign ministry also expressed condemnation of the “desperate and unacceptable provocations and practices” Polisario launched on October 21.

The ministry warned that such violations “constitute a flagrant violation of the concluded agreements and a great threat to the security and stability of the region.”

The Gulf country also renewed “continuous support” for Morocco in all measures it “deems necessary to defend the safety and security of its land and citizens.”

The UAE is among several states that recently opened a diplomatic representation in the southern provinces of Morocco. The opening comes as a tangible reflection of support for Morocco’s territorial integrity.

The Bahraini foreign ministry also expressed support for Morocco in defending its sovereignty, rights, safety, and security.

The foreign ministry also condemned the Polisario militants’ hostilities and their “dangerous provocations at the Guerguerat crossing in the Moroccan Sahara.”

The Gulf country said that the acts constitute a serious threat to civil and commercial movement, which represent a “violation of military agreements and an attempt to destabilize security and stability in the region.”

For Bahrain, Polisario’s maneuvers forced Morocco to launch the peaceful operation to restore traffic at the vital crossing of Guerguerat in “harmony with international legitimacy.”

Qatar voiced the same concerns regarding Polisario’s provocations, announcing full support for Morocco’s moves to “put an end to the blockage caused by the obstruction of movement.”

In its turn, Kuwait has expressed its string support jto Morocco’s legitimate intervention in the Guergarat passage to lift a Polisario blockade.

After Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FAR) announced on Friday evening that they had “completely secured” the Guergarat passage, seven gulf countries expressed their support for Morocco’s action.

On Friday 13th November, Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FAR) issued a press release to denounce Polisario’s actions in the region and to announce its decision to dispatch personnel in the buffer zone.

Hours after the decision, the Moroccan armed forces announced that it had “completely secured” the Guerguerat border crossing between Morocco and Mauritania.

The military dismantled Polisario’s blockade and restored the flow of civil and commercial traffic through the establishment of a security cordon at the border post.

The construction was in line with King Mohammed VI’s instructions.

Moroccan Arm Forces announced that during its peaceful operations, Polisario opened fire on Moroccan forces.

The Moroccan army said that no casualties have been reported.

Polisario subsequently fled the scene.

Morocco’s government condemned Polisario’s maneuvers, reassuring that the FAR’s operation was peaceful, without clashes or threats.

“This operation, aimed at putting a definitive end to the unacceptable behavior of the Polisario, comes after giving a diplomatic solution every chance through the good offices of the United Nations,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The UN secretary general announced frustration regarding the escalation, vowing to “do his utmost” to avoid the collapse of the ceasefire agreement.

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