Sahel-Saharan States back Morocco’s Action in Guerguarat

By on November 17, 2020

The African regional economic Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) affirmed on Saturday its support for Morocco’s decision to end Polisario’s blockade of the Guerguerat border crossing.

The community stated that it was following “with great concern” the latest developments in the UN buffer zone along the Moroccan-Mauritanian border, where Polisario militants staged a three-week-long blockade of the key Guerguerat crossing.

The illegal blockade stranded 200 Moroccan truck drivers in Mauritania and choked off essential supplies such as agricultural goods to the West African country.

Late on November 12, Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FAR) mobilized towards Guerguerat to establish a security cordon to restore and preserve the security and free movement of people and goods.

In its press release, CEN-SAD expressed its support for the measures Rabat took and will take in the future “in full sovereignty and in full compliance with international law to restore and preserve the security and free movement of people and goods, in the dynamics of the [The African Continental Free Trade Area].”


The community “strongly deplored [Polisario’s] transgressions of Resolutions 2414/2018 and 2440/2018” and welcomed “Morocco’s attachment … to the peace process led by the Secretary-General of the United Nations.”

CEN-SAD urged the United Nations — which failed to persuade Polisario to leave the buffer zone, pushing Morocco to intervene — to continue diplomatic efforts towards a final settlement of this crisis.

The Sahel-Saharan states’ support for Morocco’s intervention in Guerguerat attests to the threat the Polisario Front poses to the region.

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