United States express Appreciation to Moroccan

By on June 15, 2020

The United States has expressed its appreciation to Morocco’s initiative to support fellow African states in combating COVID-19.

The US embassy in Morocco has tweeted today its appreciation for the Moroccan government’s initiative, stating that the US welcomes Morocco’s “leadership in the fight against COVID-19.”

The tweet expressed : “We commend Morocco’s leadership in the fight against COVID-19 and applaud its work supporting fellow African countries through donations of crucial PPE and medical supplies,”.

The American diplomatic mission reiterated the US’ determination to continue to partner closely with Morocco to address global health challenges.

This reaction came after the royal instructions from King Mohammed VI for the delivery of medical supplies to 15 African states affected by COVID-19.

The cooperation between USA and Morocco in fighting against The Epidemics started in early March. In May, the US offered Morocco $5.7 million as part of its international COVID-19 support campaign.

The aid included “$1.7 million for health assistance to help prepare laboratory systems” and to improve case detection and epidemiological surveillance.

In April, Morocco received protective equipment for laboratory technicians at the National Institute of Hygiene (INH) from the US embassy in Rabat.

In March, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) also demonstrated the US government’s commitment to Morocco with aid. The agency, which described Morocco as the US’ oldest friend in the MENA region, granted Morocco MAD 6.6 million ($670,000) to support efforts against COVID-19 and to minimize its impact.

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